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Not only do you have the right to be paid on time, but it is also vital to your financial well-being to be able to collect debts when they are owed. At The Pritchard Law Firm, our firm has an in-depth grasp of your rights as a creditor, and we have decades of experience utilizing the various options that creditors have at their disposal for collecting unpaid debts.

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  • 45+ years’ combined experience in this legal field
  • Insider knowledge from representing both consumers and creditors
  • Flat fees in most cases to ensure that you stay within budget
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Whether you need to challenge an automatic stay in bankruptcy, negotiate a repayment plan with a debtor, challenge debtor fraud, or pursue judgment of a mortgage, etc., our firm has the proven experience and dedication to help you tactfully and creatively assert your rights. We are ready to speak with you about your case. We will be upfront about what you can expect from us and your costs.

Help from Proven Fort Worth Consumer Collections Lawyers

With decades of experience, we are well-versed in how to help clients fight debt discharges, facilitate landlord-tenant evictions, obtain a writ of sequestration to recover collateral, and more.

Our firm can help you with small business collections as well as:

Through every step of the process, from drafting and delivering notices and investigating judicial records to representing you in court, we offer the exemplary, dedicated, and knowledgeable advocacy you need and deserve. Please don’t hesitate to discover how our consumer collections firm can be of service to you.

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